Redefining Elegance: Morilee's Digital Transformation

Redefining Elegance: Morilee's Digital Transformation



  • Branding
  • UX/UI Design
  • Micro-animations
  • React Native Development
  • WordPress
  • SEO Optimization
  • WPVIP Migration
  • Digital Transformation
Revamp Morilee's digital presence to amplify user engagement, simplify content administration, and elevate operational efficiency. Seamlessly integrated legacy IBM inventory systems and developed a bespoke CRM for managing bridal clientele and retail partners.
Morilee, a premier wedding gown manufacturer, aimed to uplift their digital footprint and operational capabilities. Their prior website didn't do justice to their industry reputation, signaling the need for a digital transformation. They required a robust, user-friendly platform to serve both their retail partners and end consumers. In collaboration with CXR, we delivered a solution that includes cutting-edge WordPress & React technologies, back-end integrations, headless CMS, and WPVIP migration.
Morilee needed to align their digital aesthetics with their evolving brand and modernize their content management. They also sought to optimize their extensive retail network and customer interactions. The goal was to establish a unified platform that would remove operational inconsistencies and accurately represent their brand.
    We reimagined Morilee's website with a contemporary design that embodies their brand's sophistication. We introduced specialized Retailer and Customer Dashboards to streamline communications and operational tasks. The headless WordPress architecture modernized content management, offering a scalable, reliable platform that serves as the business's single source of truth. These strategic moves not only elevated visual engagement but also set the stage for Morilee's market expansion and future success.
    • User Experience Design

      Engineered an immersive user experience that aligns perfectly with Morilee's brand ethos, enhancing customer relations.
    • Retailer & Customer Portals

      Developed distinct dashboards for retailers and consumers, enhancing lead management and communication efficiency.
    • Modular Content Management

      Created a custom GBlock library, revolutionizing content updates and eliminating redundancy.
    • ERP Synchronization

      Flawlessly integrated Morilee's existing ERP system, ensuring alignment in inventory, CRM, and financial operations.
    • WordPress Multisite

      Enabled centralized management of multiple websites, ensuring brand uniformity across platforms and regions.
    • Information Architecture Overhaul

      Refined each webpage to accurately reflect Morilee's elite brand positioning, incorporating strategically curated content.
    • Headless CMS

      Transitioned Morilee to WordPress VIP with a NodeJS front-end, offering high adaptability for future modifications.
    The sweeping redesign led to a visually appealing, efficient, and user-friendly website that mirrors Morilee's brand essence. The new Retailer and Customer Dashboards significantly improved lead management and inter-party communication. With the headless architecture in place, the website is future-ready and adaptable. Morilee now boasts an upgraded digital presence, streamlined operations, and a fortified brand image.

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