A Smart Contract Web3 Application Leveraging Polygon and the Blockchain for Trust-Less Cultural Commissions

A Smart Contract Web3 Application Leveraging Polygon and the Blockchain for Trust-Less Cultural Commissions



  • Branding
  • User Interface Design
  • User Experience Design
  • Microanimations
  • Technical Architecture
  • Web Engineering
  • Blockchain & Smart Contract Development
  • Quality Assurance
  • Project Management
  • Support & Maintenance
Designing and engineering a smart contract Web3 application leveraging Polygon and the blockchain for trust-less cultural commissions.
Aware of the vast creative funnel of the Web2 creator economy, the client was looking to help users commercialize useful content through a decentralized application built on the blockchain. Described as “bounties for cultural creation,” this smart contract application would incentivize the submission of valuable information by rewarding it with cryptocurrency and shared upside. An exciting concept in theory, there were many open questions surrounding the creation of a novel concept. CultCap tapped our team of Web3, blockchain and design experts to figure out the best way to bring this dapp to life.
  • Blockchain development – Our blockchain and development teams had to decide which cryptocurrency and chain would be best-suited to this project, as well as how to integrate a Web3 metamask with the frontend to ensure proper payment functions. It was clear that lower gas and transaction fees were ideal, so our team had to identify the best way to achieve both.
  • Lack of readymade APIs – Without a marketplace of APIs available for use, our team had to create everything from scratch. This required a deep dive into the architecture and processes necessary for blockchain integration for both front- and backend – ensuring a smooth experience for all users.
  • Testing – Because this was the client’s first Web3 project, our team spent a lot of time doing QA and communicating the results to the client before sharing instructions for client-side testing. This involved the back-and-forth transfer of both knowledge and money as the client learned – and gave feedback – on the platform as it was built.
Complete with branding and a simple user flow, the platform is ready to accept submissions, reward winners and sell submissions-turned-NFTs.

    The CXR.Agency team created a straightforward CMS that allows admins to easily view submissions and decide on a winner, integrating with their wallet to submit payment and take the contest to the next step in the process.

    In both the back- and front-end, the site smoothly integrates with a user’s wallet via a custom Metamask API. Users can accept and make payments on Polygon without being directed to a third party website or platform – creating an enjoyable experience for admins and submitters alike.

    A separate section was created in which the winning submission could be previewed and purchased by users after the selection had been made by admins. A bonus feature gives generous users the ability to pay a larger fee to unlock the submission for all future visitors.
While the project is still in a launch phase, it’s already made it clear that there are a lot of things that would be valuable if created – there just often isn’t enough incentive. The world of Web3 dapps could change that paradigm forever. With NFTs and crypto, there’s the chance to monetize projects and culture. Popular ways of collecting information could be rethought and commercialized in the same way that CultCap has pioneered, opening up a whole new world for content generators and the public good.

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