Develop a WebAR Experience to Promote a Cause and Encourage Donations

Develop a WebAR Experience to Promote a Cause and Encourage Donations



  • Concept Development
  • Storyboarding
  • WebAR
  • Google Analytics
  • Sound Design
  • 3D Modeling
  • Frontend Development
Creating an impactful WebAR experience that serves to highlight an important cause and call for donations and awareness.
The Background
Our client is a well-established organization fighting to end childhood food insecurity. Despite their long-standing reputation and recognition, they were hoping to leverage new technology for their latest call for donations. With a curiosity about AR and VR, they tapped our team at CXR.Agency to explore the possibility of creating a new kind of campaign – and tell their story in a whole new way.
The Background
The Challenges
The Challenges
  • Best approach – In brainstorming concepts with the client, it was clear that there were multiple ideas that could work for their needs and desire to test out XR. In considering their intent more deeply, we decided together on an app-less WebAR experience with video inset instead of 3D models that would’ve taken longer to produce.
  • Visual messaging – Such an important cause requires delicacy while still creating an impactful experience. The CXR.Agency team worked with the client to walk this fine line and land on the concept of food cabinets over a fridge or lunch table at a school to ensure the message was clear and on-brand.
  • Potential partnerships – There was potential to add another dimension of partnership with major food brands, but this was eschewed in favor of simplicity and being able to proceed as quickly as possible with development and production.
Deployment of a WebAR experience that includes voiceover, custom animated 3D models, and a frontend built on the 8th Wall platform.

    The CXR.Agency team modeled a custom kitchen with cupboard exteriors and interiors as well as a whiteboard and countertop. Generic cans of food were created and animated to coincide with the voiceover messaging.

    Not only did the voiceover need to be on queue and match the visuals, but it also needed to perfectly sync up with the animations of food disappearing and reappearing, cabinets opening and closing, and the final CTA at the end.

    In terms of creating the most emotional response, our team focused on small details such as the visual state of the experience at the end. Leaving an empty cabinet over a full one left users with a lasting reminder that food insecurity is a pressing issue that still plagues society.
Feed the Children is thrilled with the way we helped them tell their story with an extra dose of realism that highlights the severity of the issue. Instead of the wait-and-see approach of their typical direct mailer, this interactive campaign has already seen hundreds of clickthroughs and an uptick in donations. With the success of this campaign, they have an exciting new type of campaign in addition to their traditional methods, and are better prepared to reach a new generation of donors.

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