Creating an Animated 3D Model for Frenchie Ballers NFT Project

Creating an Animated 3D Model for Frenchie Ballers NFT Project



  • 3D Modeling
  • Rigging
  • Shading and Animation
Creating an Animated 3D Model for Frenchie Ballers NFT Project.
Frenchie Ballers is an NFT project led by Kendrick Perkins, a famous NBA basketball player and commentator. Frenchie Ballers’ mission is to enable basketball enthusiasts to purchase, sell, and trade unique digital assets as well as be a part of the Frenchie Baller community. CXR.Agency was approached by the client to create the brand flagship animated 3D version of a Frenchie Baller, a French Bulldog dribbling a basketball to promote the project and engage potential buyers.
CXR took a 2D character and reproduced it in 3D while creating realistic and fluid movements for the French Bulldog character while dribbling a basketball. The team designed the character to have personality, believable movements, and be trendy.
    CXR designed a 3D model that was textured, rigged and animated for the client's landing page. The 3D character was integrated into the clients website featuring a slick dribbling animation.
    • Brainstorming

      We thoroughly understood the client's vision based on their 2D NFTs. Our team then brainstormed how to preserve the bulldog's essence in its 3D form, considering aspects like texture and color.
    • Planning and Designing

      Next was careful planning and designing. We created a project plan, considering how a bulldog would realistically play basketball. Then our 3D team crafted the model, ensuring it maintained the original's personality and details.
    • Rigging and Animation

      Post-model creation, we rigged it for realistic movements, mirroring a real bulldog and a basketball player. After rigging, we animated the character, studying bulldog and player movements for natural animation.
    • Rendering and Delivery

      Finally, we rendered the animation using advanced techniques, resulting in a high-quality, 3D basketball-playing French Bulldog. We delivered this to the client, meeting their expectations and successfully transforming the 2D NFT to 3D.

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