Design and Develop a Scalable VX Pain Relief Program To Create an Immersive Home-Based Therapy Experience for Patients Suffering From Chronic Pain and Stress

Design and Develop a Scalable VX Pain Relief Program To Create an Immersive Home-Based Therapy Experience for Patients Suffering From Chronic Pain and Stress



  • Storyboarding
  • Concept Development
  • Unity Development
  • 2D and 3D Concept Design
  • Spatial Design
  • 3D Asset Design & Development
  • Sound Design
Design and develop a scalable VX Pain Relief Program to create an immersive home-based therapy experience for patients suffering from chronic pain and stress.
The Background
The client, a giant in medical innovation, was looking to create an immersive experience that could walk even novices through a meditative experience to calm them and help patients dealing with a variety of conditions. With experience creating award-winning VR applications, they knew the CXR.Agency team was the right fit to further develop the concept and create a full experience that could be deployed to a headset.
The Background
The Challenges
The Challenges
  • Accessibility-minded design – As an application prescribed for pain or injury, the end user was likely to be new to VR and potentially physically-disabled – meaning the experience needed a shallow learning curve and an easy way to immerse oneself while seated or limited in movement.
  • User interface – Because of the varying types of users, the interface needed to be simple and easy to understand, but also effective in controlling the experience and navigating through the worlds. It also was best to assume some physical constraints for the user, meaning controller use needed to be limited or removed entirely.
  • Creative agility – The client had a strong concept, but was nailing down the details even as the CXR.Agency team had begun development and design. Staying flexible at every stage, our team needed to be able to alter the scope and any aspect of the project as needed.
This immersive experience offers a range of soothing destinations in which users can enjoy a guided box breathing meditation or simply engross themselves in the environment – helping manage pain and leaving them refreshed and ready to return to the real world.

    Our development team developed an innovative method of control that didn’t require much physical movement. The user could control the experience by directing their gaze at a specific area, eliminating the need for controllers – and the process of acclimating to their controls.

    With visuals synced to the breathing of meditation experiences, even those new to meditation had immersive guidance to help them understand how they could use the experience to calm their mind and achieve a level of relaxation that could ease their pain.

    Our artists rendered six different scenes so that users could switch it up or pick the experience that best suited their current mood. From tropical to rustic, there was an environment for people of varying backgrounds and locales – creating an experience that felt truly comfortable.
Development work continues on the project, but this application continues to push modern medicine – and applications of VR – into the future. These experiences allow doctors and healthcare professionals to understand the utility of XR experiences for those suffering chronic pain. With the potential to someday be prescribed in conjunction with medicine, this could change treatment plans – as well as the reputation of VR as a tool to improve lives with measurable results.

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