Creating the Next Frontier of Digital Commerce: A Luxury Shopping Experience in the Metaverse for Exclusive Clientele

Creating the Next Frontier of Digital Commerce: A Luxury Shopping Experience in the Metaverse for Exclusive Clientele



  • 2D & 3D Concept Development
  • Unity Development
  • Spatial Design
  • 3D Asset Design & Development
  • User Interface Design
  • User Experience Design
Creating the next frontier of digital commerce: a luxury shopping experience in the Metaverse for exclusive clientele.
The Background
With their finger on the pulse of AR/VR and the emergence of the Metaverse, our client dreamt of creating an elevated shopping destination for both AR and VR. They understood that the future of digital commerce was spatial and immersive, and they needed a prototype to fully realize their vision. Through various phases of brainstorming and conceptualizing, the team at CXR.Agency worked closely with the client to develop key aspects of the experience and bring it to life on multiple platforms.
The Challenges
The Challenges
  • AR and VR – Understanding VR to be a rapidly rising star but still in its nascent stage, the client wanted to create the experience in Augmented Reality as well as Virtual Reality. Mirroring each other, this unified experience could be accessed by headset or phone – each a window into the same world – despite the disparities in design paradigms. The two needed to be separate but symbiotic, requiring constant communication and collaboration between our AR and VR teams.
  • High-end design – With an eye on luxury clientele, every aspect of the experience – from design to interactions – needed to be created with a specific audience in mind. While it was helpful to understand the potential user in detail, it also meant every element needed to be simple, classy and elevated.
  • Knowledge gap – It’s likely that the target user would not have much experience with VR, but the client didn’t want to overwhelm users with tutorials. This required the integration of gentle instructions and hints to guide the user without losing them in the process.
Fully-developed and fully-customizable, this XR platform is easy for brands to turn into a custom application that translates their products and story into a sharp experience for users around the world.

    The ideas started forming through sketches created in Tiltbrush, which were explored with the client and then firmed up as elements of the platform. Our concept artist worked to convert these into final 3D concepts that could be recreated by our 3D artists in AR/VR. This pipeline made concepts easy to perfect and translate into a spatial environment.

    From shoes to bags, our 3D team crafted high-quality products to use as examples when selling the platform to investors and clients. This array of accessories made it easier to understand the feasibility, utility and aesthetic appeal of the experience.

    Understanding that the platform was created to be sold to retail brands, it needed to be visually appealing but clean enough to imagine with custom additions and iconography. Our design team struck the perfect balance of “ready-made” and “ready to be designed.”
With unified AR and VR experiences in hand, the client is not only ready to accelerate the pace of change in online shopping, they’re also ready to attract clients and investors of their own. Armed with a prototype, their vision moves into the next phase – building out the Metaverse as a shopping destination for the future.

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