Designing a Spectacular Immersive Mindfulness Application With Visuals and Guides Approved by National Experts

Designing a Spectacular Immersive Mindfulness Application With Visuals and Guides Approved by National Experts



  • 3D Prototyping
  • 3D Modeling
  • Spatial Design
  • Creative Direction
  • Concept Development
Design a spectacular immersive mindfulness application with visuals and guides approved by national experts.
The client, Made for Joy, was aware of Virtual Reality mindfulness applications, but believed they could be better. They wanted to make them more accessible to a range of users, and engage users in a space that was more visually coherent than the typical abstract environments commonly seen. In need of fresh new concepts and solid business strategy for building their vision, they tapped our team to help them take it to the next stage.
  • Intuitive but exciting – The client wanted to avoid using the same old 2D menus seen in other applications. They wanted it to feel fresh and new, while remaining intuitive enough for even first-time users to understand. Our team had to walk a fine line to achieve this unique duality in spatial design.
  • New and different – Made for Joy endeavored to create a new kind of app and this meant pushing the envelope on world building and modeling. Eschewing psychedelic graphics, their concepts for serene, visually-stunning environments were informed by national experts on meditation and wellness.
  • Business of mindfulness – To avoid complications and an ever-increasing project scope, the client needed to weigh best practices and business practicality. They wanted the experiences to be as impactful and rewarding as possible without breaking the bank or creating an overwhelming user experience.
Fleshed-out concept for a full meditation experience with multiple worlds and a business plan to attract investment.

    Our team’s pipeline of discovery and conceptualization was key to quick development. Working with our team of concept artists and 3D designers, our client was involved at every step of design and our concept art can be easily translated to spatial design.

    By going through the various user personas they expect to engage, we worked together to devise a user flow that was understandable to first-time users and still exciting to use. Brainstorming led to fresh designs that fit in with the novelty of the built environments.

    We armed the client with an in-depth demo reel to help investors understand the full breadth of their vision and how it can function as a business. With detailed concept art and immersive video, they can build an audience and a team ready to bring it to life.
With a full concept in hand, the Made for Joy team has moved onto fundraising while they prepare for a full build. Their idea has been well-received by investors and potential users alike, and we look forward to working with them as they bring it closer to (virtual) reality.

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