Developing a Platform for Live Immersive Events and Tourism That Can Be Created, Hosted and Attended Through a Mobile Application

Developing a Platform for Live Immersive Events and Tourism That Can Be Created, Hosted and Attended Through a Mobile Application



  • User Interface Design
  • User Experience Design
  • Mobile App Development
  • 360º Video
  • Backend Development
  • Analytics
Developing a platform for live immersive events and tourism that can be created, hosted and attended through a mobile application.
The Background
The client, MeetVirtually, was looking to create an application in which they could offer live events and tours to users in real time. With the ability to host both corporate and personal events or conduct tours of specific locations, both the leader and the user benefit from an experience that is more immersive than typical virtual events. They tapped our team at CXR.Agency to create a sample event, build out their brand and develop a cross-platform system for event and user management.
The Background
The Challenges
The Challenges
  • Cross-platform challenge – Our team needed to develop an intuitive experience for attending events on a mobile device, but also a robust event management platform for desktop. Both sides (including multiple dashboards and control panels) needed to work together to organize the event and create a synchronized experience for admin and attendees alike.
  • Video optimization – While a live immersive experience is common, it’s often difficult to optimize the video just right so that the video file isn’t too big, but still of a resolution to provide a premium experience to the end user. Our team experimented with various levels of compression to find the right amount that would keep load times at a minimum and still offer a workable video resolution.
  • 360 video stitching – Bringing all of the video together for an immersive Mobile VR experience requires smooth video stitching throughout the tour. A sample tour was also created to show future tour creators how to ensure all points of the tour are covered in enough detail, in the right order and with enough time for each aspect of the tour.
Tandem deployment of a cross platform mobile app and web CMS to ensure smooth user flow and sign-up, communications and allow for live event management.

    With just a logo, the client worked with our team to build out their brand and develop full-fledged guidelines and brand elements. We came up with a user interface, brand colors and templates for everything from app design to email confirmations.

    The tour guides required a web content management system to host the tour and control the audio/visual elements of each tour. Our development and design team produced this CMS for this purpose, integrating it with the mobile app and desktop user experience.

    Across the web content management system and the mobile app, our team designed and developed experiences for four distinct user classes: super admin, tour admin, host admin and tour attendee. Each class required different user flows and abilities that worked together to create a dynamic experience.
The platform has received positive feedback from attendees and dozens of enterprise event pilots. A new addition to the Stanford Tech Accelerator, the company is looking to build on their success, reach new clients and help more companies produce exciting, virtual events.

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