A One-Stop Shop for Everything Crypto-Related, Focusing on a Seamless User Experience and Journey

A One-Stop Shop for Everything Crypto-Related, Focusing on a Seamless User Experience and Journey



  • Digital Strategy
  • Brand Identity
  • UX/UI Design
  • Interaction Design
  • WordPress
  • Blockchain
  • Cloud Services
Unleashing the full potential of Ripple’s flagship NFTs on the XRP Ledger with a rebranded identity, UX/UI and development of a growth-focused marketplace for onXRP.
The CXR.Agency team was approached by onXRP to design and develop a central hub with the core goal of making the blockchain accessible for everyone and providing a one stop shop for everything crypto related. onXRP is the 1st NFT marketplace on the XRP ledger and the CXR.Agency team worked closely with the onXRP team to deliver an elevated brand language and a fully-functional user-friendly content hub and NFT marketplace.
Ripple’s XLS-20d amendment vote was not yet approved and onXRP aimed to take advantage of first mover advantage of NFTs on the XRP ledger to position themselves for expansion. They chose CXR.Agency as their partner, citing our specialized skills in UX/UI, interaction design and Web3 technology.
  • NFT Marketplace Development – The ongoing integration of NFTs into the XRP ledger and associated wallets presented significant obstacles to the development process, including the dynamic nature of the NFT amendment’s introduction to the ledger. Additionally, the uncertain timeline for the NFT amendment adds an additional layer of complexity to the development process. Despite these challenges, the team was able to successfully overcome them and deliver a successful implementation.
  • Testing – The development of an NFT marketplace for a ledger without pre-existing NFTs presented a unique challenge for our team. There were no existing NFTs on the ledger to use for reference or testing, so the team had to start from scratch with everything. Despite this, our team dedicated a significant amount of time and resources to performing thorough quality assurance and collaborating closely with the client through regular testnet updates. Our developers utilized a highly active Slack channel to communicate directly with the onXRP’s CTO, providing critical insight and allowing for efficient and transparent information exchange as the platform progressed.
The CXR.Agency team partnered with onXRP to create a cohesive brand, content hub and custom marketplace tailored to the brands specific needs. Through a collaborative development process and utilizing the agile Scrum methodology, the team was able to overcome technical challenges and meet scheduling deadlines. The partnership between CXR.Agency and onXRP resulted in the successful design and implementation of onXRP.com.

    To reflect the changing nature of their brand, our design team made changes to their brand in order to make it as modern as their product and the world in which they operate.

    The client had many ideas in mind for expanding their digital footprint and worked closely with our design team to translate these ideas to visual concepts, micro interactions and a cohesive user interface. CXR.Agency rebuilt their content hub and their NFT Marketplace from scratch to give them as much flexibility as needed.

    CXR.Agency’s team of experts leveraged Next.js, a powerful React-based front-end development library, and Node.js as a backend framework to build an intuitive marketplace for digital collectibles. The marketplace features include minting, viewing, and purchasing NFT’s, linking your wallet, and more.

    The Xumm SDK npm Library was utilized for transactions related to Xumm, providing customers with a smooth and effortless experience to log in and buy NFTs using Ripple.

    The onXRP Launchpad is a platform where creators, artists, and organizations can promote and mint their projects. onXRP uses this feature to help set extraordinary projects apart through exclusive promotion.
The onXRP marketplace has made a strong entrance in the NFT world as the 1st and industry leading NFT marketplace for the XRP Ledger as well as the crypto content authority. As a result, individuals and collectors are eager to utilize the platform to create their own unique NFTs, build their portfolio, and participate in the thriving NFT economy on Ripple’s ledger.

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