Revolutionizing Restaurant and Dish Discovery

Revolutionizing Restaurant and Dish Discovery



  • UX/UI Design
  • Micro-animations
  • 3D Modeling
  • iOS App Development
  • Android App Development
  • Web App Development
  • Augmented Reality
  • Apple Photogrammetry API
  • AWS Cloud Services
Introducing PickDish - the 3D food discovery app that's set to revolutionize the way we discover restaurants and dishes. With augmented reality features and restaurant creator tools, this app is the perfect blend of innovation and convenience. Our team harnessed the power of the Apple Photogrammetry API to create stunning 3D assets that bring the app to life like never before. Get ready to experience food in a whole new dimension with PickDish.
When the client first approached the CXR team, they presented the vision of Pick Dish, a mobile application designed for both restaurants and customers, offering two distinct use cases. For restaurants, the app enables them to showcase their menu to customers seamlessly. Meanwhile, for customers, the app uses Augmented Reality (AR) to display a visual representation of the restaurant's menu.
One major challenge was integrating the photogrammetry API for precise dish scanning, recognition and tracking in the AR environment. We needed to accurately identify dishes under different angles and lighting, ensuring a smooth and immersive AR experience. Standardizing dish sizes for consistency across restaurants was also critical. Our team established universal dish size standards for easy adoption. Additionally, we tackled the technical hurdle of implementing AR dish plane tracking, developing a system to accurately follow dishes in motion, considering factors like camera positioning and lighting.
    The CXR team successfully developed a user-friendly and immersive application that revolutionizes the way customers discover food. By using Laravel and ReactJS frameworks and integrating photogrammetry API and AR dish plane tracking, we have provided an exceptional experience for both restaurant owners and customers.
    • AR Restaurant Portal

      Instead of just displaying a list of menu items, the app will allow customers to virtually step into a 3D representation of the restaurant itself.
    • Menu filtering

      Users can filter restaurants based on the dishes they serve. For example, a user could search for "burgers" and see a list of nearby restaurants that serve burgers.
    • QR code scanning

      This enables users to scan a QR code displayed in a restaurant using their phone's camera. Once scanned, the app opens up the restaurant's menu directly on the user's phone. This eliminates the need for paper menus, making it a more convenient and hygienic option.
    • Restaurant Discovery

      It allows users to search for restaurants based on their location and dish. The app uses the user's device's GPS or location services to determine their location and displays nearby restaurants. Users can also search for restaurants based on their name, cuisine, or other parameters.
    • Menu Personalization

      Empowers customers to tailor their dining experiences to meet their specific dietary preferences or restrictions via their user profile. In practice, this means if a customer identifies themselves as Vegan within their profile, they will be presented exclusively with Vegan options each time they explore any restaurant.
    • Dish Capture

      Turn photos from your iOS or Android device into high‑quality 3D models that are optimized for AR using the Apple Photogrammetry API. Dish capture uses photogrammetry to turn a series of pictures taken on your device into USDZ files, which is leveraged for iOS and converted to .glb for use on Android and the web application to be viewed in AR.
    • User engagement

      Users can interact with the app and share their experiences with others. It also allows users to save their favorite restaurants, dishes, or menus for future reference. By including this feature, the app can create a community of engaged users who share their dining experiences and recommendations with each other, making it a more social and interactive platform.
    • Mobile AR First Design

      The Pick Dish app is designed with a mobile AR first approach, making it easy for customers to browse through all the dishes on the menu. With a simple swipe up or down, customers can scroll through the entire menu, seeing each dish in detail and getting a sense of the options available. Additionally, the app includes a 360-degree rotate feature, allowing customers to rotate the dish and view every aspect of the presentation. Customers can even zoom in to get a closer look at the details, ensuring they make the perfect choice for their meal.
    PickDish redefines food discovery with AR technology and innovative features. Overcoming challenges, it offers AR restaurant portals, dish capture, QR code scanning, and menu personalization. Now available on the App Store or PlayStore, PickDish sets a new standard for dining experiences. Experience it here.