A Shopify Website With Integrations That Automate the Sales Journey and Provide a Premium Customer Experience

A Shopify Website With Integrations That Automate the Sales Journey and Provide a Premium Customer Experience



  • Backend Development
  • Shopify
  • HubSpot
  • UX/UI Design
  • Frontend Development
  • Process & Project Management
  • ERP Integration
Taking the SmartDesk website to the next level with integrations that automate the sales journey and provide a premium customer experience.
The client, SmartDesk, was scaling their brand with new models of their flagship workstation and a vision of a smarter future. Key elements of their business operations, however, had room for improvement – their team spent a lot of time manually managing every stage of their sales process. Looking to leverage a new system to prepare for an expanded product line and increased growth, they tapped the team at CXR.Agency to integrate new automations, backend systems and platforms to make their business truly smarter than the rest.
  • Managing inventory – With multiple models available and different parts for each model, tracking inventory without an automated system was creating a lot of work for the SmartDesk team. They had to manually check stock and make sure they had parts before they could even think about fulfilling orders – a headache that could only grow with the release of another new model.
  • Customer journey – With an eye on creating an even smoother path to purchasing, they knew that a stronger commerce experience at every stage could be extremely beneficial. While they were already experimenting with new tools, they weren’t sure which was best and didn’t want to waste time in the pursuit of more consistent gains.
  • Product functionality – Customers wanted to know which models of the SmartDesk were compatible with their computer, which led to the creation of a compatibility tool. Unfortunately, this tool wasn’t easily updated by the internal marketing team and instead relied on patches from the development team.
Deployment of a HubSpot Kanban workflow, custom ERP integration, and new CMS for the compatibility tool – streamlining internal operations to allow the company to provide an elevated retail experience and gain a competitive edge in the industry.

    By integrating HubSpot into the existing Shopify website, the SD team can now use a Kanban board to easily track every single user and customer journey on the website. With automated emails for every stage, checkout integration, tracking and post-delivery surveys, the sales process is fully modern and can run smoothly with minimal interference.

    The release of a popular new computer model is no longer a concern for the SmartDesk team, as they can use their new custom CMS to easily update the compatibility tool with detailed information. This is not only an upgrade for the client, but for their customers as well, who can spend more time purchasing and less time asking questions.

    With a custom, cloud-based ERP integration, the SmartDesk team can spend less time tracking every piece of inventory, and also effortlessly manage payments, invoices and work orders – all updated with every purchase or change in inventory.
With an automated system in place, the SmartDesk team has been able to reallocate staff and resources as they strive to provide a customer experience on par with their product. They have reduced the number of employees dedicated to fulfillment while also increasing their inventory accuracy to within 1%. True to their mission, their revamped internal operations exemplify how every business can use technology to work smarter and optimize growth.

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