Staff Aug for a Leading Alternative Investment Platform Offering a State-of-the-Art Platform for Electronic Subscription Documents (eSubDocs)

Staff Aug for a Leading Alternative Investment Platform Offering a State-of-the-Art Platform for Electronic Subscription Documents (eSubDocs)



  • Staff Augmentation
  • Backend Development
  • Frontend Development
  • React
  • Ruby on Rails
Providing long-term staff augmentation services to build out +Subscribe, a platform powering alternative investments.
The client, +Subscribe, was looking to expand the front- and back-end capabilities of their alternative investment platform. With a range of allocators, sponsors, and service providers using their platform to digitize the onboarding, investment, and reporting process, they needed more robust capabilities for this rapidly expanding base. Looking to scale faster than they had anticipated, they tapped our team at CXR.Agency to increase their resources and figure out the best way forward.
+Subscribe was growing rapidly, but was struggling to scale at the right pace. Their frontend was built with React and the backend with Ruby on Rails – a rare combination of expertise to find in the average developer. They urgently needed to find the right people with the right skills if they were to keep up with demand, and they were running out of time to start hiring and onboarding – a process that typically takes months.
    A more powerful front- and backend with integrated forms and rules to make it easier than ever for investors to manage and maximize their investments.

      Our team of developers joined the client’s team immediately and worked swiftly for quick progress. The staff were in constant communication with our experts through a dedicated Slack channel, and they were also on all team meetings to ensure a smooth transition.

      By integrating all the right forms and dynamic rules, our developers added a new level of ease to managing investments. Because the users varied in location, number of investments and type of investor, every factor needed to be accounted for and ready to be addressed according to all local regulations.

      To make sure the internal team and future developers could make sense of their work, they simultaneously created documentation of the new additions and how each functioned. These instructions and notes are already making it easier for the client to plan future changes and address any issues that may arise.
    +Subscribe is already seeing results from the integration of our staff. The platform has seen a large increase in the number of transactions this year, and they are already planning to expand to other forms of investment. Pleased with our success thus far, they’ve increased the number of our developers working alongside their team. We continue to work with their team as they pursue sustained growth and help investors from all over the world.

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