A memorable Augmented Reality experience for TD Bank's VIP clientele

A memorable Augmented Reality experience for TD Bank's VIP clientele



  • 3D Modeling
  • Web Engineering
  • WebAR – 8th Wall
  • Creative Direction
  • Sound Design
  • Analytics
Celebrating the opening of TD Bank’s newest location in NYC’s One Vanderbilt with a memorable Augmented Reality experience for their VIP clientele.
The Background
The client, TD Bank, was excited to open a new location at One Vanderbilt, a building in New York City. To announce the opening to their existing clients, they wanted to create a delightful AR experience in line with their brand and easily accessible to VIP clients. With a rough idea of their vision, they approached the team at CXR.Agency to bring their idea to life with the right strategy and design.
The Background
The Challenges
The Challenges
  • Design in 2D for 3D: While the building was to be printed and assembled as a 3D sculpture, our team designed all of its parts and pieces in 2D. This was especially difficult as the design team considered the best way to collaborate with the AR team to match interactive elements with the design and structure of the building.
  • AR Marker: Many AR experiences use markers, but they are typically flat. For this experience, the section of the building to be highlighted in green in the experience needed to be a marker itself, so our team devised a way to use patterns on each side that would ensure alignment even when the user was moving in all directions.
  • Tight timeline: Because the client was on a tight timeline, our teams had to work to ensure smooth collaboration and quick turnaround. This wasn’t easy given the feedback loops between our design and AR development teams, who had to constantly give each other minor revisions to perfect the experience.
Design, development and deployment of a WebAR experience that incorporates a user-constructed building model and a visual display that mirrors the bank’s commitment to staying modern.

    To create a festive theme, our team designed a collection of dynamic 3D models such as a blimp, fireworks and a classic yellow taxi. Each element maintained its position and animation even as the user circled the building with their phone, creating a delightful, immersive experience.

    While the client knew they wanted the physical building, it was up to our team to create it in several separate pieces so it could be delivered with instructions for assembly. From the base to the antenna, the mini One Vanderbilt served as the hub of the experience and a physical piece of the VIP care package.

    Using the 8th Wall platform, our team designed the initial marker for launching the experience as well as the user interface upon launch.
Mailed out to hundreds of VIP clients, application activations stirred interest and excitement in a whole new way. With the rollout of innovative marketing initiatives such as these, the 170-year-old bank is showing customers that its not going anywhere – other than the future.

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