Elevating Urban Living: TULU's Smart Building Solutions Digital Transformation

Elevating Urban Living: TULU's Smart Building Solutions Digital Transformation



  • UX/UI Design
  • WordPress Development
  • Data-Driven Dashboard Development
Developing an interactive website that educates and engages both property owners and tenants. Custom features, such as an admin dashboard, were integrated for streamlined management of in-building smart units.
TULU, an innovator in smart building solutions, has redefined urban living with its Smart Units that offer on-demand access to daily essentials. They partnered with CXR.Agency to develop a high-impact website that would effectively communicate their groundbreaking services to a dual audience: property owners and building residents.
Designing a user-centric website that caters to two distinct demographics—property owners requiring persuasion and tenants needing education—was a complex undertaking. The goal was to create a platform that would not only inform but also engage and convert both target groups.
    The CXR team immersed themselves in TULU's services, understanding both business and consumer perspectives. Strategies included a visually appealing infographic map and multiple touch-points for property owners to contact TULU. These targeted approaches ensured that the website resonated with both building owners and tenants, effectively communicating the unique benefits of TULU's offerings.
    • Engaging UX/UI Design

      Leveraged cutting-edge UX/UI design principles to create an interactive and visually appealing platform, making complex information easily digestible for both property owners and tenants.
    • Data-Driven Admin Dashboard

      Developed a custom admin dashboard that empowers property owners with actionable insights into the usage of TULU Smart Units, thereby facilitating data-driven decision-making.
    • Global Reach Infographic

      Integrated a visually compelling infographic map to showcase TULU's international footprint, adding credibility and scale to the brand's image.
    • Strategic Engagement Points

      Incorporated strategically placed contact forms and CTAs throughout the website, making it effortless for property owners to engage with TULU and learn more about their services.
    The project successfully elevated TULU's online presence, effectively showcasing their innovative smart building solutions. The website serves as a dynamic engagement platform that educates and converts both property owners and tenants, highlighting the unique value proposition of TULU's services.

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