A WebAR Portal for Turtle Bay Resort

A WebAR Portal for Turtle Bay Resort

A WebAR Portal for Turtle Bay Resort


Turtle Bay Resort

  • 3D Modeling and Animation
  • Technological Advancement
  • Augmented Reality Experience
  • UX/UI Design
CXR.Agency embarked on a project to create a WebAR magic door experience for Turtle Bay Resort. The goal extended beyond traditional advertising; it aimed to offer an authentic glimpse of the private beach experience at the resort. Initially designed to engage potential visitors at conferences, the application was also strategically built for targeted advertising campaigns on social media and across the web. This multi-faceted approach encourages users to explore the resort's website and consider booking a stay.
Turtle Bay Resort, situated on the North Shore of Oahu in Hawaii, sought to leverage technology to enhance its appeal. The resort's unique attraction, Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles, became the focal point of this project, symbolizing both the natural beauty and innovative spirit of the resort. Portal effect was required which would show transition from real world to TBR island and vice versa.
The task was to replicate a part of the resort within the constraints of the 8th Wall platform. The envisioned AR world included key features like a sunrise beach, resort signs, animated sea turtles, a beach picnic, and a hotel view. The realistic animation of the turtles' movement posed a significant challenge.
    Implementation of an immersive WebAR portal, intricately designed with custom 3D models and animations, hosted on the 8th Wall platform. This solution not only provided an authentic virtual tour of Turtle Bay Resort's private beach but also seamlessly guided potential visitors to the resort's website, amplifying engagement and encouraging bookings.

      The inclusion of spatial audio adds an extra layer of immersion, providing users with a multi-sensory experience that mimics the natural sounds of Turtle Bay Resort.
    • 8th Wall Platform Enhancement

      Beyond just hosting the AR experience, we leveraged the advanced features of the 8th Wall platform to optimize user accessibility and interaction, ensuring a smooth and engaging user experience.

      Micro-animations were used to bring various elements to life, including the Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles, which are a key attraction of the resort. These animations were triggered by interactive sunrise shells native to Turtle Beach, adding layers of engagement and interactivity to the experience.

      To bridge the gap between the immersive AR experience and the resort's online presence, we integrated a thoughtfully placed shell that guides users directly to the resort's website. This feature is not just a navigational aid but a strategic element designed to enhance user engagement and encourage bookings.

      To measure the effectiveness of the AR experience, we integrated Google Analytics along with tag manager where the tag manager would act as an actual database in which records were stored based on specific events which can be retrieved later. This allows for real-time tracking of user engagement, click-through rates, and other valuable metrics.
    The final product was an immersive private beach AR experience that transcended mere advertising. It offered a genuine preview of Turtle Bay Resort, complete with animated waves, interactive turtles, and a scenic beach picnic setup. This innovative tool allowed the resort to present its offerings in a way that resonated with potential guests and partners, reflecting the resort's commitment to innovation without resorting to salesy tactics.

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