Assist in optimizing and scaling VDI, through long-term staff augmentation services.

Assist in optimizing and scaling VDI, through long-term staff augmentation services.



  • Staff Augmentation
  • Game Development
  • 3D Design
  • Window Application Development
  • Hardware Integrations
  • Virtual Reality
Assist in optimizing and scaling VDI, a platform that offers advanced driver training simulation, through long-term staff augmentation services.
CXR.Agency was retained by VDI, a provider of cutting-edge driver training simulation solutions, to provide extra teams and highly skilled resources to implement a variety of modifications, debug and improve performance, add visually stunning 3D graphics, optimize, and more on multiple projects. Our team provided swift attention and found effective long-term solutions to ensure VDI’s success.
To keep up with the rapid expansion of its business, VDI needed to significantly expand its Software Department by hiring experienced project managers, developers, 3D artists, and specialists with knowledge in fixing, planning, optimizing, and implementing challenging projects within the relevant use case and industry.
    Our team acted quickly to ensure smooth progress across all projects. We immediately assigned developers and a dedicated project manager to facilitate the process efficiently. Additionally, to meet the unique needs of each task, we formed a specialized team consisting of 3D artists, Unity developers, and creative directors. This allowed us to use resources effectively while maintaining high standards and meeting schedule deadlines.

      Our experts provided dedicated support and seamlessly integrated the client’s team with ours. Constant communication through Slack ensured that everyone was in sync as both teams collaborated to ensure a smooth transition during all key meetings.

      After thorough research and testing, the team implemented a series of code improvements for Unity that gave it a modern look without impacting performance. These changes ensure that users can have a smooth and enjoyable experience as they explore every aspect of the simulation.

      Our team demonstrated its dedication by consistently increasing productivity by working around the clock. Additional resources were quickly deployed to meet requirements and address urgent demands.

      Our team examined our VDI process more closely and discovered that we were lacking a unified deployment system. To address this, we proposed an innovative strategy, such as using Unity Cloud as our version control system to speed up deployments.

      With an eye to the future, our team created up-to-date documentation explaining the function of each new addition. This not only makes it easier for internal staff and future developers to understand their projects, but also allows clients to anticipate upcoming changes and address potential issues more easily.
    VDI made significant progress with the integration of our staff. Not only did their projects see improvements in performance and aesthetics, but by utilizing CXR.Agency’s staff augmentation services, VDI was able to avoid hiring full-time employees at a much higher cost and bypass a time-consuming 3-9 month onboarding process. Even, the cost of investing in the recruiting and training of employees, as well as related expenditures such as salary, benefits, and taxes, are avoided. Additionally, VDI had direct communication with our team throughout each week. As work continues on developing driver training simulations, the CXR.Agency team remains dedicated to optimizing every aspect of VDI’s digital infrastructure.

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