Multi-Website Maintenance and On-Demand Development Services for Media Giant, Bauer Media Group

Multi-Website Maintenance and On-Demand Development Services for Media Giant, Bauer Media Group



  • Web Engineering
  • User Experience Design
  • User Interface Design
  • Support & Maintenance
Providing multi-website maintenance and on-demand development services for media giant, Bauer Media Group.
With a focus on publishing editorial content, Bauer was also maintaining the website of each publication, ensuring they were operating as expected and staying fresh and up-to-date.
The Bauer team didn’t have the internal capacity to update and manage its publications’ sites. It needed the ability to maintain the three websites, add new features when necessary and keep up with the latest in UI/UX, design, and marketing best practices. An additional problem was that the sites used advertising from various platforms, and the team needed to make sure they weren’t interfering with each other.
    On top of bug fixes, backend maintenance, and ensuring ads work correctly, the CXR.Agency team continues to perform minor UI/UX updates, add new features, and continually refine their general usability.

      In an update to the website’s navigation bar, CXR.Agency UI Design team altered the style to make it more colorful and easier to use. The team also devised a new system of colors to ensure accessibility for all users. They increased page speed as well, making sure the site was optimized for maximum performance.

      In keeping with today’s best practices, the team continues to add new features. The CXR.Agency team implemented elements such as an infinite scroll on all articles to encourage editorial consumption. A newsletter sign-up band was added to increase readership and aid in digital marketing efforts. These additions help to increase the length of each session, while also quietly modernizing the websites.

      To ensure the different ads were all functioning correctly, our India team relied on proxy servers based in the US. They made sure that none of the ad scripts were interacting with each other, and that they were all fully implemented without issue.
    The CXR.Agency team completed maintenance and plugin updates with zero downtime or workflow interruptions. The custom affiliate commerce blocks and page templates we created led to greater editorial efficiencies and year-on-year revenue growth of 123%. The custom promotional units we built into WordPress broadened their direct sales capabilities and efforts, and our strategic technical SEO updates contributed to network traffic growth of 112% from 2020 to 2022. We continue to work with Bauer to make sure every site is reaching its full potential, maximizing advertising revenue, and a joy for readers to visit.

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