VR The Benefits of VR’s Eye Tracking Capabilities

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VR The Benefits of VR’s Eye Tracking Capabilities

Ever wonder what creating a virtual reality app provides beyond better retention and learning rates, an entertaining and immersive experience, and a re-usable, human error free environment?

A Peek Inside the Benefits of VR’s Eye Tracking Capabilities

Ever wonder what creating a virtual reality app provides beyond better retention and learning rates, an entertaining and immersive experience, and a re-usable, human error free environment? Virtual reality companies are introducing eye tracking technology to VR experiences so that users, employers and educators can make educated decisions on growth strategies by providing real-time, accurate data through a VR headset.

Introducing: Powerful and Flexible HMDs

An HMD is a head mounted display, or headset – the piece of equipment everyone has to put on to immerse themselves in a virtual reality experience. By using foveated rendering, a process that only renders the part of the screen that the user is directly looking at, the device’s GPU load and power consumption is reduced.

Introducing: Powerful and Flexible HMDs

This all makes the HMD more powerful and efficient when using energy, leading to better performance and a better experience.

Enhanced Interactions

When virtual reality technologies can understand facial cues and body language, a more immersive experience is created. This can lead to an improvement in the quality of learning and retention by 70-90%.

Those who wouldn’t otherwise be able to express themselves – paralyzed individuals who would benefit by using their eyes to interact with an application – can now reap VR’s benefits. In addition, being able to use your eyes to navigate an experience requires fewer steps.

Maximize Comfort and Security, and Simplify Profile Management

Calculating a user’s inter-pupillary distance (IPD) makes possible for devices to adapt to the user. It creates the opportunity for the device to move its lenses and displays into the optimal position for user comfort and improved quality and reduces eye strain for longer periods of device usage. More advanced technology is needed to implement this ability.

Maximize Comfort and Security, and Simplify Profile Management

“Eyes-only” security allows you to manage private information by only allowing access to said info through eye identification technologies. Only those that should be accessing certain information can.

By using a biometric identifier, systems can load and quickly identify multiple unique users and adjust their system preferences accordingly. This personalizes the experience and maximizes its effectiveness no matter the user.

Provide Deeper Insights into Users

Virtual reality costs tend to pay themselves off after some time by teaching you how to leverage data to your benefit. By tracking an application’s use, you can better understand how an individual interacts with the experience, and why. You can have access to what the user is focusing on, what they gravitate towards, what they don’t like and so on.

This can influence how we design programs, so they are as impactful as possible and benefit everyone involved as best as possible. By gaining a deep understanding of the user, we can shape the experience around them to limit human error and provide value.

Make Use of Natural Interactions

This Tobii demo helps users improve their aim when throwing something by inferring the user’s intended aim, based on their gaze as they use the application. Using one’s natural movements to their advantage makes sense because it makes the experience feel most life-like.

This technology is extremely helpful to users who are beginners at something or are in recovery for an injury. It reduces the time it takes to perform an action by making the user feel like they’re actually doing it, then allowing them to go out into the real world with muscle memory that guides them IRL.

Eye Tracking and Retail

Everything mentioned before this point can apply to any sector, but we’d like to point out how eye tracking technology can benefit businesses.

Eye Tracking and Retail

Safety in the Workspace
Increased immersion and exposure to specific movements or experiences improves an employee’s confidence in successfully completing a task. There is less of a chance for mistakes and injuries while on the job, which benefits the employee, the employer, and the business itself.

Quality of Work
Natural interactions with the applications, more practice at no risk, and improved employee confidence leads to a higher quality and efficiency of work.

Using AR in-store gives employers the unique opportunity to gather data which fuels their sales, design, marketing and customer service decisions. By doing so, employers can better cater to their customer base, improving the customer shopping experience and increasing store profits.

In fact, 84% of employers who effectively target customer service experiences actually see a rise in revenue once they implement new tactics.

Using eye tracking as a part of the VR experience can be helpful in many ways and to many unique users and their bosses. Whether you are a business or personal user of VR, eye tracking makes the experience easier, improves hardware capabilities and provides unexplored ways to develop people’s skills. With the right virtual reality development company, and the right virtual reality design, you can maximize profits and stay ahead of the game.

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