XR MARKETING Why WebXR is the Most Exciting Trend in Digital Marketing

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XR MARKETING Why WebXR is the Most Exciting Trend in Digital Marketing

The emerging technology is poised to revolutionize the way brands interact with audiences.

If you can still barely wrap your head around VR and AR, we don’t blame you. Like AR and VR, WebXR is the application of 3D graphics to create an environment or augment the real world. Both technologies track movement and other user motions to create realistic interfaces in which the user can explore and interact. While VR creates another world altogether, AR overlays graphics over real-world imagery (e.g. from a smartphone camera or headset).

These technologies are often grouped together under the umbrella category of “XR,” which brings us — if you’re still following — back to WebXR. This API allows for XR experiences in a user’s web browser, eliminating the need for additional hardware or software. Now easier than ever to bring immersive experiences to computers and smartphones, the opportunities for gaming, marketing, and entertainment are endless.

Consumers Want New Experiences

Despite becoming available to most consumers just a few years ago, recent research has revealed that 70% of consumers between 16 and 44 say they are aware of AR — a remarkable number that reflects the rapid proliferation of the technology. XR has spread so quickly because it’s such an effective marketing tool, allowing consumers to see physical products, explore new worlds, or interact with stories — all from the comfort of their home.

And with the rise of WebXR, this is all becoming easier to implement and access, giving marketers and consumers alike new avenues for creative decision-making. And it’s not just a niche idea — a recent survey of 1,000 Americans found that nearly two thirds said that AR influences where they shop. The proof is in the purchases – conversion rates have been shown to increase by as much as 40% with AR. The takeaway is clear: XR content is poised to drastically reshape how marketers attract customers and how consumers spend their money.

New Marketing for a New Generation

In an age where tech-savvy children have literally grown up on the internet, it’s no surprise that there’s growing distrust of social media and advertising. It makes sense, then, that WebXR is emerging as the tool to market to these new generations of consumers. As advertisers struggle to reach and connect with millennials and Gen Z, it’s important to consider changing habits and sensitivities. Younger generations prefer experiences over traditional calls to action, and they’re looking for stronger connections with relatable brands.

XR and experiential marketing are the perfect answer to this growing problem, and WebXR is an amazing means of getting through on a trusted device: the phone. Look no further than Snapchat or TikTok, whose AR features have been downloaded over 15 billion times and bring seemingly endless joy to teens across the globe. Go one step further and you have WebXR, which doesn’t even require an app or a download. Younger customers may be immune to the campaigns of yesteryear, but WebXR might be our best chance to connect with them.

XR + 5G = The Future

In its current state, XR opens up a whole new world for advertisers and content developers, but what’s to come is even more exciting. The imminent arrival of next-generation wireless connectivity, 5G, will set the scene for a new wave of innovation. Faster download speeds and smoother connections means richer experiences across the board, but especially for XR. With Apple on board (did you see the new iPhones?), phones everywhere will be ready for this monumental jump, meaning engagement is ready to skyrocket wherever possible. To take full advantage of the new network, marketers should begin diving into the world of XR and WebXR as soon as possible — consumers are eager to engage and the technology is here to stay.

Get the (Virtual) Ball Rolling

WebXR brings the best of virtual experiences to the masses — no headsets, software, or special components required. It’s easier than ever to integrate into your marketing, but still new enough to make your brand appear cutting-edge. If you’re ready to inject new life into your brand with the magic of WebXR, drop us a line. Not sure where to start? Contact us anyway and let’s discuss how WebXR can amplify your brand.

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